Dilapidation reports are an essential tool to enable construction companies to manage the risk of false attribution of damage to other buildings or public infrastructure, and give developers and architects peace of mind. Accurate reporting before the commencement of the job is critical, especially in high density or heritage areas. In these scenarios a clinical and precise approach is adapted to produce crystal clear accuracy in my surveys.

This is a specialist area for me, and I have surveyed and reported on some of Perth’s most historic buildings; multiple high-rise apartment and office complexes; hotels; large areas of single dwelling houses; and roads and building site entry points (up to 10,000 images in one report). My well-trained eye for detail and a background knowledge in construction and demolition are essential in gathering accurate and appropriate visually documented evidence for my clients.

My comprehensive dilapidation reports and building surveys can include:

  • Affected resident/tenant/owner letter distribution and door-knocking;
  • A complete set of high-resolution images of all cracks and damage, photographed grammatically (to a consistent scale for measurement purposes);
  • Full descriptions of all cracks and damage and their measurements and locations;
  • Urgent risk alerts;
  • Electronic and archival quality hardcopy presentation options; and
    Signed report approval by building owners.