I am Johnathan Trask, of Trasko Industrial Photographics.

For over a decade, I have delivered professional photographic services to construction, architecture, mining and design firms, informed by a background in rigging, crane operation, construction and demolition, and an Advanced Diploma in Applied Science Photography. I use a wide variety of photographic techniques and equipment, including elevated work platforms and helicopter aerial photography to capture spectacular images of projects ranging from large industrial scale to residential constructions. The diversity of my experience extends well beyond industrial images into architecture, portraits, products, art and food.

Beautiful visual documentation of your designs, products, buildings, or infrastructure is key to creating portfolios, attracting future clients, developing impactful advertising material and websites, and winning awards. With a lifetime of looking through a viewfinder, finding fresh and alternate perspectives of the world has become my obsession. I am certain I can produce images you will love. I enjoy capturing and highlighting the inner characteristics and personalities in all that I shoot.